The prettiest set of clubs

A new generation of Irons, more playable and more beautiful than ever.


PUR Irons have an inner cavity that enhances forgiveness as it allows a better peripheral weight distribution. The cavity is filled with a hot melt resin to give an incredible feel and sound to the club.

This new type of Iron is only reachable throught 3D printing, Grismont’s exclusive technique. This allows Grismont’s clubmakers to adjust every specifications inside and set the back face free to create the purest design imaginable.

Single length

PUR Irons sets are available with the Single Lenght option. All the clubs will be assembled as a 8, 7 or 6 Irons (depending on your profile) in order for you to make the exact same swing with all your Irons. This single lenght option is the easiest way towards regularity.


Grismont golf clubs are custom-made for every golfers. The clubheads are 3D printed at the exact weight and specifications needed. Then our clubmaker ensure the quality and the alignement of the shaft.

3D printing technology associated with clubmaking techniques allows Grismont to build PUR sets of clubs for all types of players: professionnal, beginner, women, senior, left handed.

Classic set specifications

Single Length set specifications

Our standard single lenght setting makes all the clubs as an 8 Iron. We slightly close the lofts on Irons between 7 and 4 in order to compensate the distance loss that may occur with shorter shafts. By doing so we offer consistent distance gap (around 10 meters) between each club

The lie, offset and weight of each clubhead will be adjusted regarding the informations given during online customization or during the fitting session.