Grismont’s manufacturing brings together multiple specialized crafts, combining cutting-edge technology with time-honored expertise to create a new generation of golf clubs. Artists, engineers, craftsmen and clubmakers all work together to provide an exclusive service: producing unique, custom-made golf clubs.


Integrating artistic design at the conception stage allows Grismont to reach unprecedented levels of beauty. The exceptional curves that make up each club are carefully sculpted by a 3D printing artist, who carries out the work in close contact with the technical team. The engineers manage the club’s performance, setting up a framework within which the artist can mingle their talent for elegance and precision into a harmonious whole.

Grismont works with the finest French artisans to ensure that each club is up to the highest standards. From fields ranging from cabinet making to leatherwork, talent from around the country comes together to provide time-tested expertise.


The performance of a club is the fruit of diverse technical fields. Ballistics, aerodynamics, acoustics, resistance: all are necessary to guarantee an exceptional finished product. Thanks to our privileged partnership with the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers de Paris (ENSAM), Grismont puts the cream of the engineering crop at the disposition of our clients.

3D Printing

3D printing is at the heart of Grismont’s extraordinary clubs. With this rapidly expanding technology as the base of the creative process, Grismont succeeds in creating incredible shapes that reach an extreme level of precision. It also allows us to carefully adjust every aspect of the club head to meet all of your golfing needs.

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Clubfitting / clubmaking

A high level of performance in golf depends upon the clubmaker’s science. With this expertise underlying the creation process, each club made in Grismont’s workshops is perfectly adapted to the golfer from whom it was conceived.

Before making the club head, the fitting process determines the best specifications for the golfer. The individual pieces are designed during this stage, and the proper shaft is chosen. Grismont then crafts the club head and puts it all into the hands of the certified clubmaker. The clubmaker fits the head, shaft and grip together, forming a perfectly balanced club.

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