A golf club is only truly great when it matches its owner. As each golfer is unique, our goal is to provide every client with the right instruments for their game. Our technology allows us to build individual club heads that meet your desired specifications.

1 - Center of gravity position

The center of gravity position is a key indicator of club head performance. It drives ball spin, trajectory, and the club’s overall playability.

2 - Lie

The lie angle is defined between the shaft and the ground. It will depend on the size and body position of the golfer.

3 - Loft

The loft is the angle of the club face itself, the principal guide for ball trajectory. A small loft angle leads to a low ball trajectory and greater distance. The loft value is often more relevant than the club number, which is why we always engrave the loft angle on our club heads.

4 - Offset

The offset is the gap between the shaft and the club face. Particularly important on long irons, it helps the golfer to square the club face at impact. A strong offset can also decrease any slicing effects on the ball.

5 - Club head weight

The mass of the club head should be adapted to swing speed. Grismont’s manufacturing process allows us to reach any desired weight, down to the gram.

6 - Mass distribution

Matter inside the club head can be distributed in various ways. The best players look to have a very precise feel that lets them know exactly what happened if something goes wrong. To achieve this, the stainless steel is located directly behind the club face, sending all the feeling and information up the shaft and into the hands of the golfer. This is referred to as a player weight distribution.

For the majority of golfers, forgiveness is a most important quality. For this, the matter is distributed at the bottom, back, and toe of the club head in order to create the highest possible moment of inertia. This enables constant trajectories and distances, even on off-center shots. This is referred to as game improvement weight distribution.

7 - Handedness

Every Grismont club can be made for either right- or left-handed players.