A tribute to the ancestral Asian sculptures

Cés pays tribute to ancestral Asian sculptures. The voluptuous curves of this embossed design recall the celestial clouds that decorate Eastern temples.

Original sketch by artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques. The artist couple became famous for creating 3D printed lattice structured lamps and have collaborated with Grismont to bring their art into golf.

24 carats gold leaf being added on CÉS’s sculptures by our talented craftman in its Parisian workshop. The gilder perpetuates centuries of excellence with the old technique that has been used on the doors of the Versailles’ palace and combines it with the latest varnish to ensure strong durability.

CÉS in its shiny 24 carats gold leaf finish ready to hit the fairway on hole 14 at the Saint Andrews’ new course. This Driving Iron is not only a beautiful club but also a very effective weapon in these windy situations.

Standard specifications (all customizable)

Club Type : Driving Iron

Available for : Men and women, right handed and left handed

Recommended handicap : Under 30

Loft : 17°

Lie : 59°

Offset : 3.5 mm

Club head material : Stainless steel

Shaft : Graphite or steel, all flex