The most modern Golf Club

Air was born as a challenge: how one could design the most advanced golf club ever.

As we stretched our manufacturing limits, we succeeded in creating an outstanding piece for the golfer who’s looking for something truly extraordinary.

Picture at the workshop where the center of gravity was measured. On every Grismont golf clubs the center of gravity can be moved to meet the golfer’s needs. After manufacturing we ensure that the COG is at the exact spot desired.

Air and Ori (gold finish) ready to be assembled by our certified and passionate clubmaker

Overview of our AIR Driving Iron.Discover the unique structure of this club and how light is reflected on it.

Standard specifications (all customizable)

Club type : Driving iron

Available for : Men and women, right-handed and left-handed

Recommended handicap: Under 15

Loft: 17°

Lie: 60°

Offset: 3.5 mm

Club head material: stainless steel

Shaft: graphite or steel, all flex

Grips: golf pride velvet tour or handmade grismont leather grip (optional), all sizes

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