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Grismont combines disruptive technology with hand-crafted expertise to create a new generation of unique golf clubs.

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Grismont's new Putter coming soon

3D metallic printing

This technology, unique in the world of golf, is Grismont’s specialty. Typically used to build lighter and stronger pieces for aircraft, we’ve adapted these techniques to golf, able to meet any specifications and build astounding forms.

Luxury craftsmanship

Our creations arise from talented experts. Designers, polishers, gilders and jewelers work together with Grismont to add beautiful detail to your next performance club. These works of art are available in limited editions and as custom-ordered pieces.

Cutting-Edge Club Manufacturing

Grismont’s manufacturing process allows each club head to be perfectly adapted to the golfer for whom it is destined. Each of our clubs is assembled by certified and passionate clubmakers. We offer a wide variety of top-quality shafts and grips to match with our custom-built heads, making sure that your club fits you perfectly.


Our 3D technology builds irons with one simple goal: playability. Our research has led us to invent a new design, giving our irons the look of a blade and the playability of a cavity-back iron. This exclusive technique ensures that our irons are a true joy to use when you’re out on the course.

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Every golfer wants to fall in love with their putter. That’s why our putters are designed to be both perfectly balanced and more beautiful than you’ve ever before imagined possible. Choose from among our limited editions or ask us to build your dream putter from scratch.

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“These Grismont Driving Irons are stunning!!!” – GolfPunk

“There’s a French revolution in golf club design taking place in Paris.”  – Golfalot

“Say what you want about the French but they are certainly innovative… and quite wonderfully different!– GCW

“Grismont boutique, home of the most stylish golfing clubs on the planet.– GQ

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